General Questions

Is a personal trainer necessary to reach my goals? Can’t I watch a video or get a routine out of a magazine?

Of course some find success with generic programs, and eventually improve their health through trial and error. But the most efficient way to make a change is with the proper information and instruction through a program specifically tailored to your needs.

What if I already have a trainer, or have trained with one in the past?

If you already have a trainer, then we encourage you to continue with that person so long as your needs are being met. For those that have worked with a fitness professional in the past, our programs allow for your training and dieting to continually evolve. One of the worst things that you can do is remain on a particular program for any extended period of time, as your results will begin to diminish. Your body doesn’t remain the same as you train, and neither should your routine.

Can you guarantee results?

Yes, we guarantee results as long as your goals are realistic and your commitment is great. We clearly outline what can be expected when undertaking a fitness program. There is no miracle diet or move that will solve your fitness needs. Success comes through hard work and dedication. The Advanced Sports Performance team will provide you with a blueprint to success, it is the responsibility of our clients to actually put this plan into action.