Of all the trainers I have worked with over the years, D’Angelo is the best personal trainer I know. His knowledge of fitness is such an encouragement. If you are ready to work hard and commit to a healthier and fitter you, I highly recommend hiring D’Angelo as your trainer.

Pamela Toe

Figure Competitor

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Twice a week fitness instructor D’Angelo Kinard lead the team through exercises.

Ward, arms crossed in a small wrestling room his team shares with the dance team, listens to Kinard’s drill sergeant-like yells and nods his head. “This gives our guys an edge over their opponent,” Ward said, watching the brutal MMA-style workout. ”

A New Grip on Talent

Washington Post

“I started attending boot camp in February of 2008. I initially joined to get active and lose 10 pounds. Before joining boot camp I was very lazy and did not like exercising at all, but after one month of actively participating in boot camp and actually work hard. I started to notice changes in my body. I hard a better endurance level for rigorous activities and I start to love thanking control of my physically strength. Like any exercise routine it is and was not easy but I kept my goal in mind and work hard. D’Angelo is a very good motivator and excellent trainer. ┬áHe keeps you motivated and gives you a total body workout within an hour. He also gives you tips on the right foods to eat and how to eat well to improve your health. You are guaranteed to sweat and improve. I have lost 10 pounds and will continue to exercise to improve my health.”

Tracy Dawodu

College Student

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