…it is necessary to have a specific mixed martial arts workout…. Here at Team Lloyd Irvin we have an EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET WEAPON— Coach D’Angelo Kinard.


Jim Harbison


Achieving your goals is about mindset,

what we call CHAMPION MINDSET!

Advanced Sports Performance is Addicted 2 Results,

here are some motivational principles our team lives by.

Goal / Plan / Sacrifice!

What is your goal? What is your plan for achieving your goal?

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal?

Achievement has nothing to do with hopes and dreams,

and everything to do with consistency and hard work.

Recognize your path, and be relentless about reaching the end.


1 VS 100:It is not the hundreds of times that you lose that should bother you.

It is the one time that you even consider quitting that should be your tormentor.

Sometimes going by the book means being trapped within its pages…..

Without proper technique your accomplishments have been achieved solely by accident,

thus your chances of replicating that feat are merely a game of chance. FORM FIRST!

The biggest obstacle holding you back is…….YOU!: Are you willing to do what is hard?

What is uncomfortable? What is inconvenient?

If not, you will never reach your peak potential.

If you are settling for good enough, or better than average, then you are failing yourself.

Train harder than you did yesterday.

You’ve got to bleed to succeed!

What are you willing to bleed for?

Don’t train to defeat opponents, train to reach goals.

Opponents just happen to be in the way.

If you set your sights on that which you cannot see, your potential for achievement will be without limits.

Do You Want to Succeed?: You must do what they don’t do.

You must push yourself that one extra rep, that one extra minute, that one extra mile.

You must push even when outside forces pull you in multiple directions.

You must change your mind before you can ever change your body!

Want to succeed? Don’t try, do!

If war is inevitable, and victory is the goal.

Define your enemies or obstacles and confront them directly.

Achievement is not obtained through avoidance, only through hard work and perseverance.

Success my occur by chance, becoming a champion is a matter of choice.


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