One of the most sought after strength and conditioning experts in the country, Coach D’Angelo Kinard has amassed more than 14 years of training experience. He has worked with a variety of clients including professional athletes, fashion models, SWAT team members, champion bodybuilders, NFL cheerleaders, musical artists, radio personalities, rehab/recovery patients, pre/post natal mothers, and several sports teams. His approach to training is innovative and comprehensive. Emphasis is placed on the mental component of health and wellness as much as the physical. The fresh perspective has set him apart in the industry. A student of the martial arts for over a decade, D’Angelo was selected to become the Strength & Conditioning Coach for Team Lloyd Irvin, America’s top Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team. His work with some of the top martial artists in the world has created demand for his expertise around the country and internationally. Coach D has personally trained 5 BJJ World Champions, as well as many professional MMA fighters and veterans of the UFC/Strikeforce. In addition to his experience in the martial arts arena, D’Angelo has also coached a number of Natural male and female bodybuilders, and female fitness competitors. He has designed training programs and diet plans that have propelled amateurs into the professional ranks in a matter of months. His recognized eye for symmetry and balance has created demand for his skills in physique sports. Placing the needs of his clients first is the foundation upon which D’Angelo has crafted his brand, business, and reputation. Advanced Sports Performance operates by the mantra “Your Workout Is My Warm-Up!.” This philosophy espouses the creed of constant improvement, and never growing satisfied with the success of yesterday. Coach D maintains a sole focus, and that is assisting individuals in the achievement of their goals and helping them to define new ones.

               “Health and Fitness is a process that must be adopted as a life change, not a short-term solution.”

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My name is David Zwanetz. I am a Team Lloyd Irvin Purple Belt training and competing out of Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Elkridge, Maryland.  I can honestly say that after six (6) weeks of ASP circuit routines, I have never felt stronger, faster, and healthier than I feel right now.  Somehow D’Angelo has found the perfect balance of strength training and conditioning to allow muscle to be put on my frame without excess weight being gained.  I have been strength training for a majority of my life and never have I seen and felt results so rapidly.  My wife, Cathy Tran-Zwanetz, Lloyd Irvin Blue Belt competitor, has literally been transformed during our six week love/hate relationship with theASP routines.  Cathy was able to shed ten (10) pounds while at the same time put on tons of lean muscle.  Cathy’s explosiveness and raw strength have improved 100%.  Her confidence in the gym has been catapulted as well. I give my absolute stamp of approval to ASP and D’Angelo and simply cannot wait to see what will happen after nine (9) months of steady work as Cathy and I work towards our goal of winning the 2011 World Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Thank you D’Angelo!!!

David Zwanetz