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“Big thanks to ASP for a world class training regimen to prepare for competition…Not only that but a nutrition package to go along with it…I went from 193 to 171 in about 3 weeks and safely put weight back on for the fight…I walked into the ring at 184.2 9 hours after weigh ins…on a side note ASP is for serious people/athletes ONLY! There is no easy way to get what you want.”

Jon Delbrugge

Pro MMA Fighter


 is the innovative way to reach your health, fitness, and performance goals. Our team was developed to exceed the expectations of the every client!Whether you are an amateur, professional, or life athlete, ASP is the solution. Life is a sport, TRAIN HARD.

Advanced Sports Performance Offers:

Personalized Fitness Programming
Nutrition Coaching and Diet Programming
Mental Preparation
One-on-one & Group Training
Team Training
Pro Combine/ Workout Preparation
Fight Camp Strength & Conditioning

Train with the best, anytime anywhere. Become one of our online team members and receive the same high quality training advice and nutrition consultation. Get real results at a fraction of the cost. Advanced Sports Performance’s Coaching Notes provides training support that you need, when you need it. Our virtual team members have the same access to our trainers and training information that our real members have. Coaching Notes even allows you to ask your training questions and get a personalized response directly from Coach D as well as the other members of our training staff.

Personal Training/Strength & Conditioning

  • Initial Assessment

Establishing current fitness levels and needs. Identifying precautions that must be considered. Development of goals and creating a vision for the body that you hope to achieve.

  • Program Design

Creating a specific exercise regimen for each individual’s needs. Providing a progressive routine that changes with the improvement of your level of fitness.

General Health & Fitness / Kids’ Fitness / Rehabilitation / Athletic Preparation / Image Transformation

This is training that evolves as your physique and level of performance is in enhanced.

  • Proper Lifting Instruction
  • Ensuring that you are using the safest most effective techniques when performing exercises.
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Tracking the progress of individuals on a regular basis. Providing tips for pushing through exercise and diet plateaus, and motivation that will allow you to stick with the program.
  • Complete Competition Preparation

A comprehnsive fitness and diet regimen developed for your sport of choice. (Mixed Martial Arts Athlete, bodybuilders, basketball players, football players, and fitness athletes)

Meal Planning & Diet Tracking

Proper Supplementation & Customized Vitamin formulation

Planning is complete whether you are interested in losing weight or building muscle mass. Athletes can expect diet recommendations that take you from the off season right up until game day or competition. Extensive experience and alliances with the top nutrition specialists in the industry will ensure that you receive sound advice that will benefit you both now and for years to come.

Consultaions Services

Advanced Sports Performanceprovides expert consulting service in the areas of:

  • Facility Design
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Sport specific fitness program design (Teams & Individuals)
  • Fitness Marketing (Facilities & Individuals)
  • Seminars
  • Motivational Speaking

Advanced Sports Performance maintains a team of experienced professionals to assist you in the improvement of your facility, training programs, or marketing and promotional efforts. By combining the extensive knowledge of our fitness and business experts ASP is able to deliver results.

General Questions


  • Is a personal trainer necessary to reach my goals? Can’t I watch a video or get a routine out of a magazine?

Of course some find success with generic programs, and eventually improve their health through trial and error. But the most efficient way to make a change is with the proper information and instruction through a program specifically tailored to your needs.

  • What if I already have a trainer, or have trained with one in the past?

If you already have a trainer, then we encourage you to continue with that person so long as your needs are being met. For those that have worked with a fitness professional in the past, our programs allow for your training and dieting to continually evolve. One of the worst things that you can do is remain on a particular program for any extended period of time, as your results will begin to diminish. Your body doesn’t remain the same as you train, and neither should your routine.

  • Can you guarantee results?

Yes, we guarantee results as long as your goals are realistic and your commitment is great. We clearly outline what can be expected when undertaking a fitness program. There is no miracle diet or move that will solve your fitness needs. Success comes through hard work and dedication. The Advanced Sports Performance team will provide you with a blueprint to success, it is the responsibility of our clients to actually put this plan into action.

Hey D’Angelo I just wanted to say thanks for the strength and conditioning training. You pushed me to,and beyond what i thought was my limit. Already being a World Champion I needed a challenging program, and you did perfect! Pushing me and motivating me at the same time. Everyday I felt better as an athlete after the workout than before.


MMA Ammo wants to thank D’Angelo Kinard for the advice we got for a fighter we wanted to help. We knew a fighter that had a title fight coming up soon and he was getting a little nervous about the fight due to the hype that was behind it. Not only was it his first title fight, but it was going to be shown on National TV. MMA Ammo knew the man to ask for advice. Coach D provided us with a great game plan on how to “clean up” those pre-fight jitters by handing us a broken down, easy to follow instructional guide. Including how important it is to build strength mentally, documenting yourself, and the training behind a big fight. All these were implemented, and guess who took home the belt. Not saying it was all Mr. kinard, but his wisdom in the fight world is an essential piece of AMMO to have.

Thanks for everything you gave us!


James Garcia


“I’ve been training with Coach D for about 5 months, my main goal when I first contacted him was to be able to push hard from stepping on the mat to the last second of a fight. Thanks to Coach D’s training I can now do that every fight.

His training was one of the main reasons why I won the British Open No Gi Championship Elite Division, in which I beat two Black belts and a Brown on the way to winning the tournament. (I’m only a Brown Belt myself)

Coach D’s workouts are crazy hard, but the most effective sessions I’ve ever done. Every day I’m getting better as an athlete and competitor. Your Workout really  is my Warm Up.”

Tom Barlow

BJJ Brown Belt , Gracie Barra Plymouth, UK

Advanced Sports Performance is ADDICTED 2 RESULTS